Are you ready for something unexpected?

As may you know, we are never affraid to risk and to do something out of the norms.

We do what we like, what we believe, and we don’t fear to release bands from Egypt or from Iran for example, or under any other unexpected status.

That’s we are doing now!

We are glad to announce the signing of EDOUARTH, the family-project of James Edouarth of Spider Kickers!

Edouarth are James (vocals and bass) and his 2 sons, 12-years old drummer George and 10-years old guitarist Peter respectively and they are playing a classic, old-school, British-style, traditional heavy metal!

They played already approx. 10 gigs in Greece, supporting Astronomica and Diviner among others, and appeared at Horns Up Festival!

After our proposal and enouragement, the 3 Edouarths entered the Suncord Audiolab studios in Ioannina, and with Achilleas Kalantzis of Varathron as producer, they recorded their first album “Stray Beat”, that we will release in the next months!!

More details and informations will be announced soon!


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