We are glad to announce that we signed a deal with Italian rock/metal band MAYSNOW and we’ll release soon their second, -untitled yet- album!

More news about this album (title, release date and the name of a very special guest who appears on it) will be announced soon!




Far beyond the concept of a band, MAYSNOW is the musical project created by Daniele Rini
(Ghost of Mary, Silvered) in memory of his friend Mimmo Angelini. The close artistic
synergy with Roberto Vergallo (ex-­Silvered), guitarist and co­founder of the project,
immediately created a well­defined musical path: writing music as a necessity, a deep
instinct to channel pain, a cure against darkness of the soul. The approach is visceral, at
times nostalgic, the stylistic coordinates are those of grunge rock, at times suffused,
combined with the dark atmospheres of Northern European metal. The official
presentation, in November 2016, was followed by numerous concerts around Italy.
In 2018, bassist Nicola Lezzi (ex-­Ghost of Mary) joined Maysnow. Over the years many
musicians have collaborated with the band, including: the guitarist Lorenzo Valentino (Last
Resistance, Silvered, Ghost of Mary), the cellist and orchestral arranger Luca Basile,
Antonio De Rubertis (Animanoir), who had an important role as pianist/keyboardist from
2018 to 2022. Bianca Massari currently plays drums in the studio and live. In 2023 Paolo
Bianchi (keyboardist) joined the band.
In 2019 MAYSNOW won the “Va’ al Diavolo” competition, organized by the SBAM
Collective, earning a place on the stage of the Salento event “Sagra del Diavolo XIII”
together with other important national and international bands. On December 19 of the
same year they released the video clip of the first electric single, “Echoes of Rain”, a song
released as an exclusive preview on the webzine SpazioRock.
In 2020 they perform live on the stage of the Ariston Theater for the national final of
Sanremo Rock. MAYSNOW are the first Apulian band to publish their own song in NFT
format, making a special version of the song “Orchid” available on the OpenSea portal in
The new single “Hare”, released on January 21, 2023, was mixed by Andrea Litti and
mastered by Mika Jussila (HIM, Apocalyptica, Amorphis, Sentenced) at Finnvox Studios in
Finland. The official video clip, directed by Daniele Ostuni for BigHead Family, was
premiered in Lecce.

In October 2020 their first album was released on the B­District label (Bagana Edizioni
Musicali), a journey into an overwhelming and nostalgic dream dimension where pain,
melancholy, the meeting and clash of feelings and sensations, dark and contrasting, they
break into the soul in an oppressive vortex that needs to acquire a well­defined form. The
album is full of lights and shadows, where the dark theme of loss, widely explored in the
work, contrasts with the theme of the birth of a new life which opens glimpses of clarity in
the sound. An overwhelming and impactful sound, where acid and distorted guitars are
juxtaposed with an elegant and clean instrumental line, masterfully embroidered by
classical instruments such as piano, violin and cello. Some references to the sounds of
progressive rock underline the compositional finesse of the album which shows its
evolution along the ten tracks that compose it, becoming strongly melodic and hypnotic.
[Review taken from Rockit.it]
The album cover was created by world­famous illustrator Daniele Serra, who has created
works for Stephen King, Ramsey Campbell and Clive Barker among others.


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